Top 10 Features of a Winning E-Commerce Site

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E-commerce has become a large part of the internet and the economy all around the world. Giving the consumers the opportunity to deal business online has helped to dissolve physical borders as well as to help businesses reach out to a wide variety of customers originally inaccessible. It’s important to have a good website design that encourages users to browse the online catalogue through their internet browser and to make their online purchase in the same place.

It’s not surprising that clearly stated information is the top factor in whether a customer buys from your site or not. But what are some of the other influences? Let’s take a look:

Top 10 Features of a Winning E-Commerce Site

  1. Pricing/shipping information clearly stated – It all comes down to trust, the less information you include in the ordering process/shopping cart the more likely the buyer will abandon their purchase. All taxes, shipping and additional costs should be clearly visible throughout the ordering process.
  2. Looks credible and trustworthy – One of the easiest ways to instil trust in buyers is to have the relevant security badges for your site. Our ineedhits site is certified by TRUSTe and also its security is verified by VeriSign. Any affiliation with industry associates (such as SEMPO) also helps in building trust and credibility with buyers.
  3. Product displayed on homepage – This makes sense as the main action you want visitors to make when reaching your homepage is to click deeper into your site.
  4. Visually appealing – This is one of the basic principles of website design. Don’t make your site too cluttered – break up the text with images.
  5. Total cost calculator (shipping, tax, etc)- Similarly to the first point, ensure that the buyer has all the pricing information before they submit their credit card or Paypal details. If you trick the buyer in the ordering process then it’s likely you will loose them forever.
  6. Search function – As the number of products/services your site offers increases, the more it is necessary to offer a search box.
  7. Privacy statement – I see a privacy policy as a must if you have an e-commerce site. With identity fraud on the rise it is imperative that customers feel that they can safely shop on your site.
  8. Onsite customer reviews/testimonials – Reviews and testimonials give the buyer more confidence in transacting with you if you’re not a big brand.
  9. Online customer service (live chat) – A live chat service is particularly helpful for buyers who are having trouble purchasing your products/service. By providing a live chat option you are likely to reduce your cart abandonment rate.
  10. Links to social networks – If you have a Facebook or Twitter account for your business then why not share it with your buyers. One way to do this is put the links to all your social media sites in your website footer.
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Lord & Griffin IT Solutions- New Orleans 2013 Award

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