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Lord & Griffin IT Solutions has linux cloud web hosting services with the advantage to pick the physical location of your sites for higher website load times. Every single cloud web hosting package arrives with an integrated drag & drop Control Panel, which allows you to deal with all of your websites easily and is available in more than 10 languages.

Our Linux-based solutions are packed with unmetered storage space and monthly bandwidth and support the latest stable version of PHP and MySQL. Service guarantees comprise of 99.9% service uptime and 30-day money-back.
Lord & Griffin IT Solutions’ main goal is to minimize all possible downtimes and to offer a significant increase in the performance of both your Control Panel and your website. Here is just a short list of the benefits you will enjoy in our US Data Center with our cloud hosting platform:

  • enhanced service stability – we store different services (emails, MySQL databases, etc.) on different servers so as to make our overall platform less vulnerable to hack/DDoS attacks.
  • faster servers – At 10 Gbps, our servers are faster than ever and so will be your website
  • faster maintenance – by ensuring spare servers, we have simplified server maintenance procedures and hence minimized frustrating service interruptions and downtimes
  • migration to SSDs – all web hosting users who are using less than 1 GB of storage space are now located on fast SSDs. This means that they will enjoy much faster read/write speeds and faster website speeds. We are planning to move all cloud hosting accounts to SSDs as well.
  • web accelerators (Memcached, Varnish, Node.js) – our web acceleration tools will help you boost the speed of your website or portal even further.

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Order now and you will get our completely free site setup tools – the 1-click Application Installer and the Instant Site Installer getting your blog, CMS, gallery, e-store or e-school online in up to 5 minutes. Need help finding the right web solution?

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Church Website Design and Social Media Ministry

Lord & Griffin IT Solutions

Lord & Griffin IT Solutions, originally Lord & Griffin Web Solutions, has been one of the leading web solutions companies for churches, small businesses, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs for over 12 years. From our inception, we have been committed to our mission of assisting churches and non-profit organizations develop an effective and efficient eMinistry strategy.

Lord & Griffin Web Solutions, now a division of Lord & Griffin IT Solutions, strives to provide all-inclusive web development services, which includes (but not limited to) professional services in the following fields: IT Systems Management, IT Systems/Network Services, Web Hosting, Web Design, Web Development, Internet Marketing/SEO, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Rich Media Animation, Mobile Application Development and the utmost in Customer Service and Web Support.

Having a website and social media pages are a great way to make people aware of your message and lead people to your church. Many people usually browse online before choosing a church or place of worship. One of the most effective ways to reach the masses is a church website. A church that wants to grow must have an active website with fresh content. Your Ministry or Church must have a Relevant Message and a distinctive online presence. Otherwise it tells people that you’re just another brick and mortar building where religious rituals are held.

 Don’t Have the Resources? Think again.

No need for HTML or Programming knowledge. We offer web packages that are ready to go or that can be easily customized to showcase your church or ministry. All our website packages utilize a website template design and content management system that is easy to update or change. These sites do not require HTML knowledge or any special programming skills to keep your site updated, looking beautiful and relevant. Having an outdated website will speak volumes about that individual church.

Get A Professional Website At A Fraction Of The Cost.

The number issue of most churches and ministries is finances. As with any resource in a church, you have to be good stewards of your outreach resources. What better way to spread your mission statement and ministry outreach than with digital media?


How much would you expect to pay for a professionally design website with all this:

  • Manage Online
  • Design Custom church website (web template)
  • Church Calendar
  • Member Directory
  • E-News Mailing Lists
  • Church Donations
  • eCommerce Bookstore
  • Blogs
  • Secure Forms
  • Message Boards & Chat
  • Content Management Software

A Professional Design Website with these features can easily be $750 (design cost) and additional $50/mo. in hosting fees. This is the reason so many churches and ministries fail in their quest to effectively take their ministry online. Many churches venture online and within a matter of months have no effective web presence.


Imagine the Possibilities and the Impact!


Why Lord & Griffin IT Solutions?

Don’t let your Church Media and Outreach Ministries perish for lack of knowledge. We offer FREE Consultation and you don’t have to use cookie-cutter templates and pre-packaged web hosting that quickly become budget overruns. From Home-based ministries to Mega-Churches, take advantage of Lord & Griffin IT Solutions’ knowledge and our commitment to help churches, non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurs/small businesses execute a well-designed e-business strategy. Let Us assist your church or ministry and help you develop an effective and efficient eMinistry strategy and take your church’s mission online and expand your ministry reach to the world.

An accomplished, award- winning web design and internet marketing company (12 years experience) offering fresh insight and a passion for innovation; exceptional knowledge in regards to planning, developing and implementing successful e-business strategies, Lord & Griffin IT Solutions is considered one of the premier players in the field of web development and internet marketing; executing effective e-business strategies for start-ups, entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profit organizations. By creating the reputation as a specialist in the small business web development/internet marketing niche, Lord & Griffin IT Solutions has become the obvious choice for churches, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Give your church, ministry, non-profit or business a dynamic, professional Web presence. Establish an Online Presence and Build your Church Website Today!

Bio of Felix L. Griffin in Website Magazine

Find The Best Hosting For Your Money

Best Hosting for Your Money

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There are various varieties of hosting services suitable for different web portals with regard to the system resources or the hosting platform they demand. To select the most adequate hosting service for your web site, you need to judge what server-side software programs it requires, how many hits per day you anticipate at the beginning and in the long run, as well as any other special requirements that may need to be satisfied. Lord & Griffin IT Solutions offers the following Hosting Services:

Shared web hosting – Positive Signs

The most appropriate alternative for small sized web pages with a few hundred or several thousand visitors is a shared hosting solution. With this form of web space hosting, each client pays only for their plan, which diminishes the total price per client seriously. There are different web hosting plans differing from one hosting supplier to another, supplying different amounts of hard disk storage and traffic, different mail address account quotas and so on. The privilege is that you can buy a plan that will offer the specs your site really requires. You will not have to pay a lot for an account you will not avail of, or end up with a small scale plan that cannot accommodate the web portal. Lord & Griffin IT Solutions offers an extensive collection of hosting accounts suitable for private or small business web pages that even provide pre-installed script-powered systems such as Joomla, Mambo, Drupal or WordPress – to make things easier. If you begin with a low-price plan and you need more system resources, upgrading to a high-end account takes just a click.

Shared website hosting – Negative Signs

A weak side of the shared web hosting environment is that the web servers have some software programs installed on them and you cannot install new software applications. Given web pages, mainly online stores, require software applications to be available on the web hosting server for them to perform, and with a shared website hosting platform, you can install only software applications that do not need full root access. With Lord & Griffin IT Solutions’ web hosting packages you will get an array of free gifts that will help you get your blog, CMS, image gallery or e-school get online within minutes, and manage its popularity and accessibility right from your Control Panel.

Virtual Web Servers and Dedicated Hosting Servers

For web portals that require server root access, or if your website has many thousands or even 1 000 000’s of visitors per day, what you demand is a Lord & Griffin IT Solutions’ VPS or a dedicated server. A VPS server is a software emulation of a dedicated solution and it works in strictly the same way.

Virtual Hosting Servers

Both environments usually come with root-level access and can be rebooted through a software interface by the user, independently from the hosting company. Akin to the shared website hosting packages, the VPS and the dedicated server web hosting packages come with diverse specs depending on what the hosting supplier offers. A private virtual web hosting server package contains guaranteed server space, RAM and CPU usage quotas that can at times be extended for short intervals of time if there are unused resources on the physical machine. With a dedicated server, the only limiting factor is the hardware equipment it is making use of, and it can be configured by altering or appending components. A virtual private web hosting server is easier to administer as it includes a virtualization console, which can be utilized to reboot it, to install applications, examine stats, and so on. The management of a dedicated hosting server is more complicated, so such a plan would rather be utilized by more knowledgeable clients.

Dedicated Servers

Lord & Griffin IT Solutions’ Linux dedicated web hosting services will grant you large amounts of hosting resources for accommodating your constantly growing web presence. You won’t need to comply with other web hosting customers on the server, because you will have a complete server at your total command. Our dedicated hosting servers provide you with a robust hardware setup, powerful server features and reliable network characteristics.  Each dedicated server arrives with an OS installation of your choosing (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS). With root access to your dedicated server, you will be able to set up and configure any software you need. You can also take advantage of a user-friendly Control Panel (the free Hepsia Control Panel, cPanel, DirectAdmin) installation option. You can also take a look at our optional backup, custom software installation and troubleshooting services. Certain hosting companies provide managed dedicated hosting services where they implement hosting server management procedures and manage servers on behalf of the customer. This can be a part of package or at minimal cost as an extra feature. Contact Us directly for more info.

Before You Reach a Decision…

Picking the right hosting plan is crucial as it can affect the proper performance of a website or portal. Prior to picking a package, weigh the pros and cons, inspect thoroughly all the requirements for the online portal to operate properly, particularly if it is script-powered. And if you are still unsure which is the best hosting service for you, consult with our live chat operators or call us – our sales reps here at Lord & Griffin IT Solutions and we will be glad to assist you and answer all your questions.



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Lord & Griffin Web Solutions- Hosting Services

Lord & Griffin Web Solutions hosting service is a type of Internet service that offers individuals and organizations/companies the resources to host their own web sites and store information, images, video, and other content accessible via the World Wide Web. Lord & Griffin Web Solutions’ hosting service consists of the following:

  1. Disk Space – We use a clustered storage technology. This means that the storage resources of a hosting plan purchased from us are not confined to a single server, but are distributed between multiple machines. This way optimal performance is guaranteed and higher server stability. It also ensures that you will be able to avail of all the storage quota that has been assigned to your particular account. Additional disk space is available as an upgrade option. Payment is accepted only in advance per year. Contact sales for more information.
  2. Traffic – Each hosting plan includes prepaid monthly traffic in Megabytes. This traffic quota is shared between all sites hosted in a single account. In case that a hosting account exceeds its allowed traffic quota, it will be suspended until the beginning of next month when the quota will refresh automatically. Additional traffic is available as upgrade. Contact sales for more information.
  3. Hosted Domains – Lord & Griffin Web Solutions’s hosting plans include domain hosting. Each hosting plan allows a particular number of domains that can be hosted.
  4. Domain Registration/Transfer – available at regular or a discounted price (depending on the chosen TLD) with the purchasing of a web hosting account. Each account can host a maximum of one discounted domain name. Domain registrations are final and are not subject to refund. More information regarding domain names can be found further in this TOS (Terms of Service), in our Domain Name Registration Agreement and in the Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy.
  5. E-mail accounts – different number of e-mail accounts are available for setup with each web hosting plan.
  6. MySQL/PostgreSQL Database(s) – MySQL databases are included in all web hosting plans. Additional databases are available as upgrade. PostgreSQL databases can be either included or optional. Contact sales for more information.
  7. Database Storage – Each hosting account has a limit of database storage. This storage is shared between all the databases in a single hosting account. Additional database storage is available. Contact sales for pricing.
  8. SSH – In case your hosting account does not include SSH, please contact sales department for more information on how to obtain it. Payment is accepted only in advance per year.
  9. ID Protection – This service ensures that your private contact information will not be visible in the domain’s WHOIS details. Optional for all hosting plans, but available only with certain TLDs, supporting this option.

Detailed information about all features included in our web hosting packages is available on our web hosting plan pages.

Our technical support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer all your questions and provide you with constant monitoring of every client, no matter size. Call Today!

US TOLL FREE PHONE: +1-866-841-6141
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UK PHONE: +44-12-2580-8659
AU PHONE: +61-2-6108-4354

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