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Mobile Marketing: Making a Small World, Even Smaller

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As Demand Bred Innovation, We Now Have Mobile Marketing To Add To Our Marketing Mix.

What is mobile marketing? Mobile marketing is a marketing methods via mobile devices (i.e. smart phones, tablets) mobile apps and mobile websites.. There are different types of mobile marketing and these include SMS (text) marketing, mobile web and Bluetooth proximity marketing, MMS, mobile applications, PPC mobile marketing, mobile banner ads, Location-based marketing, voice marketing, mobile games and Barcodes/QR codes.

Mobile Marketing Methods:

Mobile Web–  Almost 95% of mobile devices are internet ready. That covers advertising on internet web pages and through Mobile Apps (via Internet access).

Text/SMS Marketing– Short message service (SMS) or sent to potential customers through the mobile phone using a short code with is a short number of 4-6 digits or a short code with it the usual 9 digit number system, that is referred to as a long code. For example: “Get Web Design and Internet Marketing Services 30% Lower than Competitors Prices” (Sent from ##-###-####).

MMS (multi-media message service)– Messages that are sent to customers in the form of video, pictures and audio.

Mobile Apps & Mobile Banner Ads– Mobile website with an advertisement or banner ads customized to fit mobile websites and cater to mobile phone users.

Location-Based Marketing– Mobile marketing using GPS and other software technologies to locate mobile phone users according to their current location and then send adverts and other information to them (usually multi-media).

Mobile Broadcast MarketingPre-recorded messages that are sent via computer managed list.

Mobile Games & Contest– Mobile games or contests that the user downloads that advertise a company or its services and products and aims to entice the user to respond to the advertisement.

Barcodes/QR (quick-response barcodes)– Barcodes that allow mobile users to easily obtain information via QR Readers on mobile devices.

90% of people read their text messages, 85% respond positively to marketing messages.

These are just some things you can utilize in your mobile marketing mix.  The emergence of this innovative business technology and brilliance of the internet has put your audience within the reach of their fingertips.  Go Mobile and Extend your Reach with Mobile Marketing. To find out more about Transforming Your Marketing efforts with the Cutting Edge Business Technology of Mobile Marketing and how you can affordably start your Mobile Marketing Camaign  Click Here

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