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Have you noticed on some sites, your business information is listed wrong or while others don’t even have your business listed? I have to be honest I didn’t give it much thought until my business listing had been hijacked.. Yes, someone’s business was “mistakenly” posted online as Lord & Griffin IT Solutions. Sad to say, I think this trend will continue..

One of the trends I want  to talk about today is “Local SEO”.  Throughout 2013, there has been tremendous growth in SEO, particularly in the area of Local Search Optimization. Local listings are like hitting the jackpot for specific businesses, especially if you work in a service area like web design or anything sales related.

Every local business in the United States (more than 15 million!) needs their business listed properly and to make sure consumers are finding them in search results.

There are benefits to having active and professional local listings pages.. You can release specific information, your news and views, products and services to a target audience and following on a host of different platforms. When people see your local listings are being viewed and are updated regularly, they will flock to your website, potentially bringing you customers and sales. Local listings are becoming vitally important in online marketing. They give customers a  way of rating a business and seeing how good they are, due to the lack of faith in the online review system at present.

What Local SEO Optimization Can Do For You:

  •  Creates local business listing for promotion in your own local market.
  • Expands Business reach to more customers in the local area.
  • Helps you market more efficiently and effectively in your locality.
  • Gives customers access to your business contact details on demand.
  • Allows the visitors in and around your targeted area to find and connect to your business very quickly.

Bad Listings is Bad Business. How does your business information look? Check for Free!

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