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HubPages- Generating Traffic


Generating traffic to your site means more sales, more income and more points toward your search engine results. This in turn means even more traffic, more sales, and even more income. There are many ways and one of them is through the creation of a HubPage; we will focus on using the pure SEO and keywords method with some diverse media mix.   A HubPage is an all-inclusive page that informs the reader about a subject. So to create your HubPage you will need to pick a topic. Let’s say your topic is plumbing. You may want to focus in on one aspect of plumbing, say for instance, how to change out a faucet.

Before writing your copy (article or post), you may want to have a list of at least three keywords that you will use throughout your article. In this article I will use; Hubpage, Search engines and key words. Many people prefer to write a 150 word summary description of their hub page. Include in this summary your main keywords as this will appear next to your hub page listing on the search engines. Your article should be between 1000 to 1500 words long. You want to look for a keyword density of around 2%. There are websites and software that will help you evaluate your keyword density within your text that basically takes the total words and divides it by the number of times your keyword is represented. Make sure one of those keywords is in your title. Creating a title that is enticing and has a keyword can take some thought.

Now to write an interesting article without it appearing as if you are stuffing it with keywords. Keep your article’s content interesting and unique.  Second, if you want people to read your article, write about a topic that maybe nobody else has thought to write about. Give your reader something worth their time to read. Also, for formatting purposes, place plenty of paragraphs in your text making it easier to read. Include bullet points if possible or lists as they are also easier for your reader to view.

hubpageAfter you have written your article you will now want to insert photos or images. Include at least 3 images, preferably 5 images. Don’t forget that they must be royalty free in order to include them on your HubPage. There are hundreds of sites that offer stock images that you can either purchase or pick up for free. Images make your page more attractive to read and search engines see images as additional data to the text you’ve written and add value to the overall way a search engine reads, ranks and lists. Hide keywords within your image by renaming and tagging images before uploading them to your page. If your keyword is ‘web design’, name your image web-design.jpg or something similar.  Also give your images alt tags. Search engines look for keywords both on the page and off the page, so take the opportunity to utilize everything you put together in a meaningful way.

Next, include a video. Search Engines rate videos highly and if your HubPage links to video’s that are already on the search engine listings, it will give your HubPage a better ranking. Try and include at least one video, and a maximum of three. (Use YouTube or Google for the best results). There are millions of videos you can find on YouTube that will match up with what it is you are trying to educate your public about. Use an image from the video along with a link to the video within your hub page. Again, this is a good opportunity to include valuable keywords.

Now link everything up. Link at least three of your keywords to related resources. You will also have links from your images and video that go to related resources. You can link to sources such as articles, forums, or websites.   Now you are ready to publish your hub page and bring in the traffic!


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