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Must-Have Business Apps


The iPhone is not just a fun phone to have. It’s actually a great tool for Proprietors and business professionals. Among the millions of apps available, there are some that are very useful for businesses, especially if you are a small business owner who needs to stay on top of things. These are my Top 5 I Can’t Do Without:

  1. Facebook: Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with over a billion users worldwide. The Facebook for iPhone app currently has about 46 Million active users, a number that is growing every day. This app will allow you to keep up with your business’s Facebook fan page wherever you are. Check out your news feed, update your profile, check your messages and see what your fans are saying about your company all from your mobile phone.
  2. LinkedIn: With over 175 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is the largest social media site dedicated solely to professional networking. LinkedIn for the iPhone allows you to put your professional network in the palm of your hands, literally, as well as connect with over 50 million professionals worldwide in real-time. Imagine yourself walking into a client meeting with the ability to look up the profile of your new contact and make a permanent connection online. The LinkedIn app allows you to find the person, information or company that can help you close a deal and allows you to get the latest updates from your contacts, interact and respond to them any time from any location. Talk about building a business relationship…
  3. Twitter: Twitter is a micro-blogging network of real-time posts that are limited to 140 characters or less. Today’s Twitter is now less focused on “What are you doing?” and more about “What’s going on?” It has emerged as a source for discovery with a focus on sharing relevant information and engaging in conversation. The Twitter app features a built-in browser that lets you follow tweeted links without leaving the application. Users can post tweets to their account, view other tweets from contacts and update a location.
  4. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is the leading social media management tool. Use your Hootsuite iPhone app to manage multiple Twitter accounts, update your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and fan pages, translate Twitter messages from over 50 languages and schedule messages to send. You can also add geo-location coordinates to your tweets to let your employees and customers know where you are. Hootsuite is an essential tool for managing social networks by allowing you to efficiently track conversations and analyze your marketing campaign results.”
  5. WordPress: Blogs have become a popular way for everyday people to share their opinions, experiences, passions and more with the world. WordPress is currently the most popular blogging system being used on the Web,[5] powering over 60 million websites worldwide. WordPress is also used by over 18.9% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013. Manage your company blog from your iPhone with the WordPress for iPhone app. Moderate comments and create and edit posts and pages quickly and easily from any location.

    Mobile is the next big technology shift!

  6. Your “Business App”: What? I know what you’re thinking, “I thought he said 5 Apps?” I did. If you have a business and want to create a quick mobile version of your website, developing a Business App is a great start.  So why should your business have an App? Business Apps are simple to develop and easy to use and cost-effective. They can help increase your revenue, market your business and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. Business Apps can also help you go viral. With social media functions, your business app can become the source of viral activity, helping your business grow very quickly. Mobile applications (apps) are becoming an increasingly vital marketing tool for businesses to reach mobile customers on their iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. The opportunity for your business app to be everywhere your customers are and to influence their buying decisions is the next big internet marketing trend!

Since social networking has reached an all time high, the need to stay connected through your iPhone has become a must. The rise of social media has helped information spread like wildfire and in order to keep up with what’s trending, you’ll need to download these 5, excuse me; 6 Lord & Griffin IT Solutions App, social apps for your iPhone and utilize them, effectively and efficiently, as soon as possible.

Thinking of an app for your business? Create your small businesses app and market it to your peers, inviting them to download it for free. Take your networking and mobile marketing efforts to the next level. Contact Us To Get Your App Today!

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Find The Best Hosting For Your Money

Best Hosting for Your Money

weh hosting service-scalability

There are various varieties of hosting services suitable for different web portals with regard to the system resources or the hosting platform they demand. To select the most adequate hosting service for your web site, you need to judge what server-side software programs it requires, how many hits per day you anticipate at the beginning and in the long run, as well as any other special requirements that may need to be satisfied. Lord & Griffin IT Solutions offers the following Hosting Services:

Shared web hosting – Positive Signs

The most appropriate alternative for small sized web pages with a few hundred or several thousand visitors is a shared hosting solution. With this form of web space hosting, each client pays only for their plan, which diminishes the total price per client seriously. There are different web hosting plans differing from one hosting supplier to another, supplying different amounts of hard disk storage and traffic, different mail address account quotas and so on. The privilege is that you can buy a plan that will offer the specs your site really requires. You will not have to pay a lot for an account you will not avail of, or end up with a small scale plan that cannot accommodate the web portal. Lord & Griffin IT Solutions offers an extensive collection of hosting accounts suitable for private or small business web pages that even provide pre-installed script-powered systems such as Joomla, Mambo, Drupal or WordPress – to make things easier. If you begin with a low-price plan and you need more system resources, upgrading to a high-end account takes just a click.

Shared website hosting – Negative Signs

A weak side of the shared web hosting environment is that the web servers have some software programs installed on them and you cannot install new software applications. Given web pages, mainly online stores, require software applications to be available on the web hosting server for them to perform, and with a shared website hosting platform, you can install only software applications that do not need full root access. With Lord & Griffin IT Solutions’ web hosting packages you will get an array of free gifts that will help you get your blog, CMS, image gallery or e-school get online within minutes, and manage its popularity and accessibility right from your Control Panel.

Virtual Web Servers and Dedicated Hosting Servers

For web portals that require server root access, or if your website has many thousands or even 1 000 000’s of visitors per day, what you demand is a Lord & Griffin IT Solutions’ VPS or a dedicated server. A VPS server is a software emulation of a dedicated solution and it works in strictly the same way.

Virtual Hosting Servers

Both environments usually come with root-level access and can be rebooted through a software interface by the user, independently from the hosting company. Akin to the shared website hosting packages, the VPS and the dedicated server web hosting packages come with diverse specs depending on what the hosting supplier offers. A private virtual web hosting server package contains guaranteed server space, RAM and CPU usage quotas that can at times be extended for short intervals of time if there are unused resources on the physical machine. With a dedicated server, the only limiting factor is the hardware equipment it is making use of, and it can be configured by altering or appending components. A virtual private web hosting server is easier to administer as it includes a virtualization console, which can be utilized to reboot it, to install applications, examine stats, and so on. The management of a dedicated hosting server is more complicated, so such a plan would rather be utilized by more knowledgeable clients.

Dedicated Servers

Lord & Griffin IT Solutions’ Linux dedicated web hosting services will grant you large amounts of hosting resources for accommodating your constantly growing web presence. You won’t need to comply with other web hosting customers on the server, because you will have a complete server at your total command. Our dedicated hosting servers provide you with a robust hardware setup, powerful server features and reliable network characteristics.  Each dedicated server arrives with an OS installation of your choosing (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS). With root access to your dedicated server, you will be able to set up and configure any software you need. You can also take advantage of a user-friendly Control Panel (the free Hepsia Control Panel, cPanel, DirectAdmin) installation option. You can also take a look at our optional backup, custom software installation and troubleshooting services. Certain hosting companies provide managed dedicated hosting services where they implement hosting server management procedures and manage servers on behalf of the customer. This can be a part of package or at minimal cost as an extra feature. Contact Us directly for more info.

Before You Reach a Decision…

Picking the right hosting plan is crucial as it can affect the proper performance of a website or portal. Prior to picking a package, weigh the pros and cons, inspect thoroughly all the requirements for the online portal to operate properly, particularly if it is script-powered. And if you are still unsure which is the best hosting service for you, consult with our live chat operators or call us – our sales reps here at Lord & Griffin IT Solutions and we will be glad to assist you and answer all your questions.



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HubPages- Generating Traffic


Generating traffic to your site means more sales, more income and more points toward your search engine results. This in turn means even more traffic, more sales, and even more income. There are many ways and one of them is through the creation of a HubPage; we will focus on using the pure SEO and keywords method with some diverse media mix.   A HubPage is an all-inclusive page that informs the reader about a subject. So to create your HubPage you will need to pick a topic. Let’s say your topic is plumbing. You may want to focus in on one aspect of plumbing, say for instance, how to change out a faucet.

Before writing your copy (article or post), you may want to have a list of at least three keywords that you will use throughout your article. In this article I will use; Hubpage, Search engines and key words. Many people prefer to write a 150 word summary description of their hub page. Include in this summary your main keywords as this will appear next to your hub page listing on the search engines. Your article should be between 1000 to 1500 words long. You want to look for a keyword density of around 2%. There are websites and software that will help you evaluate your keyword density within your text that basically takes the total words and divides it by the number of times your keyword is represented. Make sure one of those keywords is in your title. Creating a title that is enticing and has a keyword can take some thought.

Now to write an interesting article without it appearing as if you are stuffing it with keywords. Keep your article’s content interesting and unique.  Second, if you want people to read your article, write about a topic that maybe nobody else has thought to write about. Give your reader something worth their time to read. Also, for formatting purposes, place plenty of paragraphs in your text making it easier to read. Include bullet points if possible or lists as they are also easier for your reader to view.

hubpageAfter you have written your article you will now want to insert photos or images. Include at least 3 images, preferably 5 images. Don’t forget that they must be royalty free in order to include them on your HubPage. There are hundreds of sites that offer stock images that you can either purchase or pick up for free. Images make your page more attractive to read and search engines see images as additional data to the text you’ve written and add value to the overall way a search engine reads, ranks and lists. Hide keywords within your image by renaming and tagging images before uploading them to your page. If your keyword is ‘web design’, name your image web-design.jpg or something similar.  Also give your images alt tags. Search engines look for keywords both on the page and off the page, so take the opportunity to utilize everything you put together in a meaningful way.

Next, include a video. Search Engines rate videos highly and if your HubPage links to video’s that are already on the search engine listings, it will give your HubPage a better ranking. Try and include at least one video, and a maximum of three. (Use YouTube or Google for the best results). There are millions of videos you can find on YouTube that will match up with what it is you are trying to educate your public about. Use an image from the video along with a link to the video within your hub page. Again, this is a good opportunity to include valuable keywords.

Now link everything up. Link at least three of your keywords to related resources. You will also have links from your images and video that go to related resources. You can link to sources such as articles, forums, or websites.   Now you are ready to publish your hub page and bring in the traffic!


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