7 Reasons You Need A Website Over Social Media Page


I will use Facebook, Simply because it is the most widely used of all social media pages. There are many reasons a Facebook page or any other social media profile does not take the place of a website. Here are 7 Reasons:

  1. You Don’t Own It. Facebook owns your Facebook page. They can shut it down without warning. They can change the way it is displayed without notification. Don’t like the new layout? You can always add code to change it… Yeah Right! You’ll get use to it. True Story: I spent six months building an online presence just to have it deleted, over 5 pages, 60 articles and hundreds of followers. It happens; don’t let it happen to you.
  2. It’s Not Your Domain Name – Your Domain Name is part of your brand. It should be an address online where people can find you. It should be on your business card and on the signature line of your email. When you use your Facebook URL, you advertise that you are using space for your business for free. It gives the impression that you are cheap and possibly a “fly-by-night” business.
  3. You Don’t Control It – Besides not owning the Page, you don’t control it. You may spend many hours and/or hundreds of dollars customizing your page only to have the design wiped out by a Facebook the next day. You can only put certain types of images, where they let you. Gives new meaning to “Free Enterprise”. Your Internet presence should reflect your brand, not Facebook’s.
  4. Lack of Functionality – Having a website gives you the ability to collect email addresses of potential customers interested in your product or service. You can create a questionnaire or survey for free and embed it in your website. You can schedule when information is posted. You can create different content for different customers. And you can sell your products or services straight off of your website. Contact us today, if you want to know how. You can’t do these things with a Facebook page. Even if you do not want to do any of those things at present, do you think it is wise to build your brand on a platform where you will never be allowed the flexibility or functionality you need?
  5. No Analytics – Facebook Page’s Insight is limited… With a website you can use Google Analytics (free) or a Stat counter, you can see how people are interacting with your website. You can see what information they are drawn toward and how long they stayed on your site. You can see where they are not interested to limit your investment toward advertising those benefits and features. You can see what time of day your customers are considering your particular offering to coordinate your social media activity to those times. Your website can give you tons of information Facebook isn’t.
  6. Unreliable Message Distribution – When you post an update on Facebook it is limited to and through Facebook. When you announce a new sale in your status update most of your Facebook friends or fans may never see it. You have limited control over the market reach of your message.
  7. Limited Network – If you have been following the news about Facebook you have seen it has almost stopped growing in the United States. Many Professionals are abandoning Facebook, much like the exodus from MySpace, for a variety of reasons. In my opinion, Facebook is losing its luster, much the same way MySpace did.

Facebook Page does not take the place of your website. It Is Not A Replacement For Your Website. Social media has its place. LinkedIn is a business network and if you are in business you definitely should be on LinkedIn. Having your own domain (realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control) and website makes you a member of the biggest community of the world, the Internet. Build your website as your hub, and then extend your reach into social networks.

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