Technology Partners

Technologies at Lord & Griffin IT Solutions,  used to serve you are possible through strategic partnerships with Industry Leaders.
Lord & Griffin IT Solutions, known for the quality of its services, is partnering with some of today’s IT and eBusiness industry leaders. One of Lord & Griffin IT Solutions’ main goals is to offer its customers new IT Solutions and new horizons, perspectives and possibilities. The focus is to simplify your business operations and life by allowing us to handle your IT infrastructure issues and problems, allowing you to focus on your core business while making IT a true asset.
Our Team
Through our partnerships, Lord & Griffin IT Solutions combines the efforts of talented young people, who have been examining closely the nature of the World Wide Web for quite some time. Our Admin, Sales, Support, Development, Design and Management Departments are comprised of 60 exceptional specialists in web design, computer technologies, marketing and advertising. Our Goal to offer quality and reliability in all of our IT and eBusiness  services. Our Support Team expects your questions 24 hours a day and is always ready to offer competent solutions. You can contact us by phone, through the Live chat, via email and through our integrated ticketing system. You will receive a response in a matter of minutes.
Hardware Partners
Lord & Griffin IT Solutions provides one of the highest levels of service and satisfaction thanks to its partnership with some of the leading hardware manufactures in the Industry. We strive to ensure quality and reliability in all our IT Solution services. We strive to ensure maximum system proficiency, data protection and uptime for our customers’ IT Services. That’s the reason why we have added a specially designed anti-DdoS device to protect our network from unfriendly outer attacks. If you are looking for not only network reliability, but a Full-Service IT Solutions you can depend on, Lord & Griffin IT Solutions is here for eBusiness needs.

Programming & Software Partners
Lord & Griffin IT Solutions maintains a high level of quality of service in all we do. Regardless of how reliable the IT solution is, quality software can be the difference between a delivering a good product or service and a truly remarkable one. Lord & Griffin IT Solutions offers a diverse range of software packages to suit any requirements, from Operating Systems to Blogging and Wiki software or creating a mobile App with instant, effortless deployment.

Lord & Griffin IT Solutions and its Partners use only the highest quality products and services. The following Programs & Software companies and projects make it possible for us to offer our high levels of service:

Cisco SystemsBrocadeJuniper Networks

InternapAmadi Systems

UbersmithOnAppLiteSpeed TechnologiesCloudLinuxSpamExpertsSoftaculousR1Soft



Let Lord & Griffin IT Solutions help your company improve the use of your IT Resources (IT Systems and  Web Development/Internet Marketing) so your business can focus on the quality of its products and service, develop its competitive power, retain its loyal clients and strengthen its position in the market.

Services: Advertising & Marketing/Consultants, Advertising & Marketing, Internet & Online/Domain Services, /Web Design & Development/ Web Hosting, IT Systems Management, IT Systems/Network Services, Internet Marketing/SEO, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Rich Media Animation, Mobile Application Development and the utmost in Customer Service and Web Support.

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